Support pitch offset per note

I’m not talking about the current “Pitch Transition” parameters, but rather the ability to add an offset to the pitch of a note. Currently, it’s theoretically possible to do this using the “Pitch Deviation” parameter, but it would be a Royal Pain™ to make the timing and the pitch deviations precise enough.

Supporting pitch offsets might not be as good as full microtuning support, but it would be better than the current situation for writing non-12edo music.


This!!! Literally what I want, please add the ability to deviate in cents per note!

Of course microtuning support would be wonderful but please please please consider just pitch deviation per note in future updates!

Thanks for implementing this; however, I’d like to be able to change the detuning value in the note inspector (instead of being limited to Ctrl+Shift+dragging the note) and perhaps be able to set the vertical snapping increment (perhaps not limited to 100/n cents, though in that case, notes at certain pitches might have to be detuned on creation?).

Agreed. It’s a step in the right direction, but finer tuning* would be preferable.

*See THIS is the real definition of “tuning”!

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