Vst plugin problems

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well!

I discovered Synthesizer V a few days ago and I was blown away with its results! I am only interested for English language, so I am using Eleanor Forte Lite.

I use the VST version of Synthesizer V with Bandlab’s Cakewalk and there are some problems and/or missing features.

The main problem is that after working for some time, the plugin becomes unresponsive to the DAW’s playback controls. Hitting play, stop or navigating at any bar of the project doesn’t matter, synthesizer v doesn’t playback the voice. From within the plugin’s interface, the voice can be played.
However, this behavior comes with another major issue. The drop-down menus of the plugin become unresponsive! They appear when clicked but any subsequent click on their menus does nothing, and even worse, the menus are staying frozen on-top of the DAW, layered one over the other! Only after closing the DAW the menus disappear. When I reopen the project, the plugin works again.

My other issues are more like missing features.

  1. Any notes and words written within the plugin will be lost if not saved from within the plugin first. This is problematic in my opinion, saving the DAW’s project should also take care for any work done within the Synthesizer V plugin. For example EW Hollywood Choirs has a word builder and anything made within Play engine is automatically saved with the project.

  2. The plugin doesn’t recognize bar/meter and tempo changes. This should also happen automatically. Any meter or tempo change in the DAW should reflect within the plugin’s timeline.

I really like Synthesizer V, it’s a huge step forward, but in its current state it is unreliable for day to day usage or professional workflows.

I hope this will change soon!

Sorry for the huge post, everyone stay safe!


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Regarding the UI unresponsiveness of the Vst plugin, here are some photos depicting the problem:

You can clearly see the menus build up and overlay each other. Clicking on them does nothing.

Even worse than I originally thought, the menus overlay on top of everything in Windows! The picture shows the menus on top of the Windows Explorer window while I was saving the 1st screenshot.

never mind.

bitman, you changed your post about the UI developers. I don’t mind who is developing the software, I am just reporting what I see as design issues and potentially bugs.

Just to be clear, I can’t stretch enough how much I appreciate Synth V results. It’s leaps and bounds ahead of everything else I’ve tried so far!

Here is something I wrote using Eleanor Forte. I would have never tried anything like this using any other virtual instrument as lead vocal!


I really wish for Synth V to further develop into an amazing tool with a lot of voicebank options and solid workflow!


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Hi eli0s
First of all - what an amazing clip you attached! Very cinematic use of her! :clap::clap:
Secondly, yes you’re right. The plugin (I use the AU plugin with Logic) and it’s the same problem there. Saving the DAW project does not save the work within the plugin. Each track needs it’s own “save” within the plugin. Annoying as it may seem, but it is what it is for now. I always bounce the plugin track to an audio track as soon as I can, just in case.
As for the tempo, I mentioned in another post somewhere that the best way would be to bounce the track to audio again, and just use the timestretch feature of the DAW (or Melodyne) to follow the song.
Another user LinR_PN posted a screenshot of adding a tempo marker in the arrangement window, so look out for that too.

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Hello myfriendisadj, thank you very much for your kind words!

I also bounced the voice to audio at some point, it was much more efficient to work this way after a while.
As for the tempo changes, after I had a rough idea of what those will be at (as I was beginning to compose the music), I exported the project as a midi file and imported it within the Synth V plugin. Any further tempo/meter changes to the project, I was either ignoring them or manually putting them in the arranger window as you said.

But, all of the above are workarounds. These should be ironed out before this software can be considered “pro”. That is my opinion of course.

Oh yeah exporting the midi file is a good idea too. Nice one.
Your opinion is very fair. Here’s my wish list to make it truly “pro” :slight_smile: -

  1. true integration of the plugin into the DAW
  2. complete Splice or Arcade integration (easy to find, pay and load new voice banks)
  3. more English voicebanks
  4. a pdf manual! :joy:

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