How load voice database in Basic 2021

Hi all. I have installed Studio Basic, and some latest voice banks such as ‘aiko-lite-install-100.svpk’ and other svpk files, which I put in databases folder (and also program level as well, since not loading).

But how do I install them? Project has no menu for voices, and Voices menu doesn’t let me load anything (the button is not working, just there but doesn’t action).

No help anywhere. Tips welcome.

Install the voicebank:

Load the voicebank:


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Hi,… … but I just dragged and dropped a voice file from the Windows window, onto the app. That is OK but not obvious. Is there no File/Open for it? In full version, there is something in Project…
Thanks for tip of dropping files.

But that just adds a product. So I don’t have any actual voice files? Where do they come from? The download on the home site is these Voice ‘apps’ or whatever they are.


Unnamed Track
(No Default Voice) <- change this to your new voice bank

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Yes thanks a lot! Regards Geoff

Sorry to bother you but I was having a similar problem to the other person but I just couldn’t get past that save/voice installer - Saki AI (…) window, I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m on Mac or something but it just wouldn’t let me past that. Iv seen a couple other posts with people having the same problem but I’m not sure how they fixed it, could you help?