[Eleanor Forte] Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover]

This is my first ever try at using Synth V to create a vocal.

I’ve listened to a few songs posted by others and there is some amazingly creative material out there. Mine is very basic by comparison, but I hope to learn and improve. :slight_smile:



yessss, I love hearing SynthV used for more styles. This is the first classic metal I’ve heard.

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Someone had to do it. :sunglasses:

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Whilst Eleanor isn’t perhaps ideal for metal I love her voice (and Synth V in general - it’s an amazing tool), I hope to create more with her soon.

Hopefully we’ll see the full version of her voice available soon - I’ll be buying that as soon as it’s available!

I want to try more metal with Synth V, I need to improve my guitar skills! \m/

Good work, thank you for your creation!
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Good first song.

I’d suggest tweaking to get her timing (especially some of Ozzie’s hesitations) similar to the original. And experiment with tension changes, and how you slide up to and out of the notes to create more interest.

Go Eleanor! Bite the head off a bat!

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Thanks for giving it a listen and for your feedback! I will definitely experiment more with slides and tension to try and get the hang of giving her more expression in my next attempt. Thanks for the tips. :slight_smile:

Who now can draw a leather clad Eleanor Forte with one foot up on the monitor?