Eleanor Forte- Gravity (Sara Barielles)

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to post stuff here… anyway I did a cover of a sara barielles song with Eleanor bc she’s generally good with ballads. This is my first full cover with her and only like my fourth synth cover ever, so concrit is appreciated! I don’t know how to mix and this was recorded using a screen capture though, so keep that in mind

Not bad!

I could give criticism in pretty much any area. Just edit more parameters until it sounds the way you want. Listen closely to singers you like while keeping your ear out for their note transitions, vibrato speed/depth, tension, etc. You can find other peoples’ .svp files to learn from them

It currently sounds a bit flat and robotic. You did some cool pitch editing, but many of the transitions are too abrupt: sounds like autotune.

and well…learn how to mix! Download a program and learn how to use it.

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Well done, thank you for your creation!
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When I watched this video I could see little pitch bends and tweaks and I could tell you were a real vocalist. So I went and checked your YouTube channel… and I was right! OMG your vocals for Cherry Wine Cover is amazing! Looking forward to your future work. With Eleanor, she doesn’t sing very fast, so be careful with the quick words (around 2:03). So for the phrase “I don’t wanna”, instead of ay d aa n w aa n ah, maybe use ah d aa w aa n ah. y’s take up a lot of time to pronounce. :slight_smile:
I was also going to suggest that you bring in vibrato later on the sustains (eg. 2:27). But then realised you also sing in real life with early vibrato! So you get a pass on that one! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it! I’ve used some VSQs but I haven’t studied any .svp files, I’ll go dig through the resource page for some.

As for learning how to mix… you’re completely right lol I have no excuse :sweat_smile:. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by all the DAW options out there but it’s definitely time to actually start learning how mixing works.

Thanks again! Vocal synths have quite the sharp learning curve and feedback is really invaluable.

Thanks so much! My background in singing is basically my only advantage with this program, I’m flying blind in every other respect. I went in and tried the phoneme change you suggested on “I don’t wanna” and it actually helped quite a bit, that part was driving me nuts the whole time I was working on the cover but I couldn’t figure out what to change. More patience and trial and error with phonemes is definitely in order for everything I do with Eleanor.

Funny enough I get critique on my early vibrato onset in my actual singing as well, so that did make me laugh. I’ve been using vibrato to sort of… compensate for other things I don’t know how to do in SynthV- I think it’ll still be prominent in my tuning but I’ll try to moderate using it a little haha.

Thanks for the sub and the feedback, seriously. Your music is really cool and I really appreciate you taking the time to offer some advice!

ahh yes, phonemes.

Gotta really analyze what makes a word sound the way it does. Does “wine” sound like “w ay n” or “w ah ii n”? It might change per song!

We need a real (ie useful) “resource” dump huh? Here are some of my svp Sharing - Google ドライブ


Oh wow, I hadn’t seen that specific phoneme chart before but I’ve definitely saved it now! Thanks so much for that and the program files, and the advice. I really appreciate it