FL Studio Crashing with Synthesizer V Plugin

I have been having some issues with Synthesizer V Plugin running on FL Studio.
I’m using Synthesizer V version 1.2.1 with Saki AI version 104. My FL Studio has been updated today to its latest version. My OS is Windows 10 version 20H2 64-bit.
My DAW sometimes crashes during playback while Synthesizer V was rendering the track, making me lose progress. However, this scenario is the least frequent for me.
More often, it crashes while saving the project.
Now I’m having a persistent issue where FL Studio crashes while loading the project. I have recorded a video (YouTube link below) showing my issue. Although it loaded the project on the third attempt, usually I must make several attempts more before succeeding. Usually, loading a different project that also uses Synthesizer V Plugin seems to help in some way to load the problematic project.
FL Studio Crashing With Synthesizer V Plugin - YouTube