Synthesizer V Lacks Documentation


  • There is no written help, other than for scripting
  • Online help is limited to videos
  • Videos are incomplete
  • Videos demonstrate controls with only Japanese labels, but no English subtitles supplied
  • There are tooltips for icons

I began by trying to determine what the Chain icon on the piano roll is. That’s the icon that’s to the right of the Pencil icon.

The menu option Misc | Show Help (Online) does not lead to online written documentation, but instead to a Resources page that offers “Downloadable materials for Synthesizer V Studio”.

Those resources are currently:

  • Video tutorial series (YouTube, English/Japanese version)
  • Video tutorial series [(Bilibili, Chinese version)
  • GUI translation files
  • Scripting Manual

There appears to be no written user manual.

Choosing Synthesizer V | Synthesizer V Studio ( from the menu leads to a page that has a number of issues:

  • Despite selecting English as the default language, the page renders in Japanese.
  • Changing the language to English brings me back to the Resources page.
  • The materials on the page don’t appear until the page scrolls down to that section.
  • There is a Support item on that page, but it’s actually better translated as Compatibility.

So apparently the only way to learn how to use Synthesizer V is to watch videos. :roll_eyes:

The videos show Synthesizer V with the Japanese interface. The videos have high-level labels, such as Edit Vibrato Properties, but as various sliders are demonstrated, no English subtitles are displayed.

As of yet, I’ve been unable to discover what the Chain icon does. An exploration of the Synthesizer V website leads me to conclude that, if it is documented, it’s not obviously discoverable.

What’s the point of adding features to an application if there’s no obvious way to find what that feature does?


The link button is a new feature that was added in version 1.1.0.
I think it is really necessary to have a text documentation.
(Translate with a translator)

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dcuny is right. I only know about the chain icon because of the update notes, which new users wouldn’t check.

i think youre looking for this

Nope, that’s for the old Synth V.

It’s still useful. They’re not going to re-write that entire thing when 90% of it still applies

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It’s not useful if it has a completely different UI.

As a paid software it’s quite ridiculous that there’s no actual manual.

Unless everything has been renamed, again, the manual is still useful. God forbid you spend a few extra seconds trying to look for the option you need cause of a different UI

Whether the old manual is useful or not, is that page discoverable using the links on the Synthesizer V website?

If I choose “Previous Versions”, on the current website, I get this page:

Choosing “Docs” points to this page:

Which give a 403 error.