Where Can I Change Pitch Deviation Settings? (Answered)

I’m trying to use pitch deviation in the freehand (overlay) editing mode because it looks easier to use than regular freehand, but I don’t know how to access it from the Parameter Panel. The user manual says to click the “Mode” option next to “Pitch Deviation” to switch between freehand and freehand (overlay), but I don’t see any Mode option. I also watched the official SynthV Studio Parameter Panel tutorial video, but it didn’t explain how to change the pitch deviation editing mode. To clarify what I mean when I say there’s no “Mode” option on my Parameter Panel, I’ve provided screenshots below.

Parameter panel shown in the user manual:

My parameter panel:

Can someone please help me find the option to change the pitch deviation editing mode?

First, you need to make the Pitch Deviation parameter active:

  • Open the Parameter track, if it’s not open already.
  • Choose Edit: Pitch Deviation in the Parameter. This makes Pitch Deviation current.

Next, set the following icons in the Piano Roll as active (bold means active). I’m guessing at the actual name of the icons here:

( Pointer | Pencil ) Chain ( Notes | InPlace ) ( Smooth | Points | Waveform | Phonemes )

To exit “in place” editing, click the Notes icon.


It worked! Thank you so much! I just wish the manual/tutorial had explained that :/…