What's your opinion on Vocaloid 5? Is it better than Synth V?

I’ve never used Vocaloid 5 before until recently, and it seems to be very different from the previous versions, so I’m still learning how to use it. What do you think of it,?

I haven’t used the program, so I can’t comment on the interface or learning curve. I can just say that Vocaloid intrigued me for years but most of the voices set my teeth on edge. Its main draw would have been a wider “palette” of English-capable singers. It looks like it has more features than SV does, which is understandable.

Evidently Vocaloid is something of a sinking ship, as competitors are either luring away the vocal talent supplying the voices or outright making their own singing engines. Yamaha will likely have to reinvent the program for its next iteration, if it decides to make a Vocaloid 6, and it may not have Miku as a face for the brand any more.

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When used in real time play,
Low CPU load and high quality sound.
Compared to V4X.

Also, it’s fun to play with. It’s almost like using a synthesizer.
I hope it will be a little easier to use. I expect

translated by translator.

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