Please release Eleanor AI

I agree that it sounds muffled and boxy but oh my that sound 1000% more human than Eleanor.

Well maybe 20 - 40% better.

Based on their webpage, EclipsedSounds is a company with four employees:

  • Elijah Damon (“khanadee”) - CEO
  • Niamh Easter (“niamhsboba”) - Lead Designer
  • Taylor Hennessy (“celestrai”) - Development/Outreach Lead
  • IrunaBara - Product Head

The company was initially developed to sell merchandise associated with vocal synthesis. I’m guessing that means Vocaloid-branded stuff.

It’s interesting that Dreamtonics hasn’t first reached out to established players in the English vocal synthesis market, but there are probably existing NDAs (as well as new NDAs from Dreamtonics) and other such considerations that don’t make that practical.

I wonder if this will have any impact on a full version of Eleanor Forte coming out.

I would recommend following Volor on Twitter for updates about Eleanor ( They made a statement the other day to the effect of:

  • Eleanor standard needs to be recorded on-site, but travel restrictions due to covid make that impossible. This is why her development was delayed so much.
  • Eleanor AI could be recorded off-site, however they have been hesitant to do an AI-only release since she will sound different from what we might expect based on her lite voicebank.
  • Their current plan is to proceed with Eleanor AI, and depending on demand they may move forward with a Standard edition once possible.
  • They want to make sure people understand that a “full, updated version” of the Eleanor we know would be the Standard voicebank, as the AI one will more closely resemble the voice provider’s singing style.