please help me with Synth V pro and auto tune

*- sorry for my english is not my native language
hi, i buyed kotonoha sisters and synth V Pro
and i have some questions about the auto pitch tune feature
its there a way to configure it in a more abrangent/flex way ?
like with saki ai lite or rukka lite?
with out using the lite vb , or just making some ajust
i mean i still tunin manualy
this is a wip of a cover i’m doing

but i’m still a little confuse with some features of the editor
can some one help me with the script and auto tune/pitch features and how use them in the better way ?

Editing takes lots of work!

These scripts might help:

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yes this helps a lot , thanks
but i still dont know exactly about the auto tune ;u;

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Select the note, then click Modify - Auto Pitch Tuning:

But because Kotonoha Akane & Aoi contains first-generation Auto Pitch Tuning technologies,
it does not support adjustments to auto pitch adjustments (It also requires SV Studio Pro version),
which have been updated to second-generation Auto Pitch Tuning in Saki AI and Koharu Rikka.

image image
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yeah this i kinda know
but how it works the auto tune of gen 2?