Synthesizer V Studio Basic / Pro 1.2.2【Update / アップデート / 更新】


Synthesizer V Studio 1.2.2 Update

Synthesizer V Studio 1.2.2 update is ready for download!
This update addresses several issues reported by our users. In particular, the VST version becomes more stable.

Synthesizer V Koharu Rikka AI v102 update is ready for download!
v102 brings better pronunciation of rare phonemes and minor performance gain.


(Download the update from License and Updates panel)

Synthesizer V Studio 1.2.2 アップデート

Synthesizer V Studio 1.2.2 へのアップデートを是非お願いします!
VST プラグインの安定性の向上などを実現しました

Synthesizer V 小春六花 AI v102 へのアップデートを是非お願いします!



Synthesizer V Studio 1.2.2 更新

Synthesizer V Studio 1.2.2 更新来了!

小春六花AI v102更新



在软件内部可以直接下载更新(授权和激活面板 → 选择Synthesizer V Studio → 检查更新 → 更新)
Last version:

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So you guys release two versions in one day? 勤勉

一个是 SynthV Studio 编辑器,另一个是小春六花 AI 声库 (`・ω・´)

Hi friends!
I have instaled Synthsizer V Studio basic version 1.1.1
Is there a new version of the SV studio basic? If yes, where can I download it?
Thank you very much in advance,

You can check for updates within the SynthV studio.

From the toolbar (typically on the right side of the screen), click the Installed Products (cloud with a checkmark on it) icon to open the Settings panel.

Click the Check for Updates button in the panel. It will compare the version of each installed product. If there’s a pending update, it will show in the Installed Products list. Choose that item to update it.

Once the update is downloaded, SynthV will open the window the install file was placed into. Close SynthV and run that installer in the folder.

If it’s a voice update, drag it into SynthV.

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can you tell please if there is an update to Synthsizer V Studio basic?
Thank you in advance,

Hi, Manuel.

What happened when you followed the directions I posted?

It should have said if there was an update.

@Manwell Download the update from License and Updates panel:

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Hi friends!
My native language isn’t eng, as many of us, and sometimes we become confused with the info!
I saw on a post in this forum Synthsizer V Studio 1.2.2 update and I thought it was an update for the basic version, right?

The last update of the SV Studio basic, version 1.0.6 to the version 1.1.1 I saw it here!

Anyway, I visited the dreamtonics web page and the update to download of the basic app don’t say which version is! It only has the name with the word “update” , nothing more!

So, I’m sorry about my questions!
Thank you all,
PS: If there’s something wrong with my post, please let me know! tnx

At present, the latest Synthesizer V Studio version is 1.2.2, and both the Basic and Pro versions can be updated. You can download the latest installation package directly through the software’s built-in update panel to upgrade, from License and Updates panel:
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Hi friend!
Thank you so much for your great help!
I did the update directly from the software!
Now I will check the differences on the update!
Thanks again… God bless!

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