VSTi not installing


I got my SynthV Pro copy today and I installed it and added the voice banks I have. However, since I use to work with Ableton I tried to load the VSTi plugin there and it wasn’t showing, so I started searching for possible solutions.

I have updated SynthV to the latest version (currently 1.2.2), while installing there was a window prompt asking me if I wanted to install the full version, including the VSTi, and so I did, but still no VSTi appears in Ableton.

I started searching for the .dll file and it’s nowhere to be found, someone said in another thread maybe creating the default folders (Steinberg/VstPlugins) manually then installing could solve the problem.

So I created this folder in my 32 bit program files folder since there was already a Steinberg/VstPlugins folder in the 64 bit one, and reinstalled SynthV again paying attention that the VSTi option was enabled and still no VSTi plugin was installed at all, there is no .dll with anything similar to synthv or synthesizerv on its name in any of the default or custom VST Plugins folder on my PC, and I’m running out of ideas, has anyone had this problem and could find a solution?

The SynthV Studio VSTi plugin is placed in this directory:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\synthv-studio-plugin-x64.vst3

Please check if there is a file in the directory and if it has been scanned in the DAW.
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Nice, this worked fine, I corrected the folder to this one on my DAW and rescanned the plugins and now it’s working fine, thanks again :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

Fellow Ableton user here.

Would you mind telling me if you have had any problems using Pro with Ableton 10?


no issues here so far, but I haven’t used SynthV that much yet

Thanks for the clarification.