[Yamine Renri] I Miss You (Goblin OST)


This was my first attempt at tuning a Korean song in SynthV. It’s clearly not perfect, but I also don’t think it’s absolutely horrid, so for a first attempt I still think it’s pretty decent lmao

Hope you enjoy, all and any feedback is welcome!


Nice! I don’t know Korean, but the singing sounds good in general.

I feel like the synth community needs to align with all other music communities a bit more though. I don’t think the two will be completely separate for long.

Tuning = adjusting notes from out-of-tune to in-tune. Not really required for a synth. Maybe “vocal editing”? “Vocal production”?

And, unless you got the isolated instruments from the instrumental, and adjusted their volume, EQ, compression, etc, on your own…I dunno about taking credit for “mixing”. Though that’s more of a grey area, since the vocal really does fit well with the instrumental, regardless.

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This is ok, thank you for your creation!
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Nice work!

Sounds very sweet and innocent. However, (and I say this not knowing Korean but having some experience listening to Korean songs), I just couldn’t hear the Korean accent or ethnic stresses on the words. It sounded very much Japanese.

Nevertheless, good first attempt I’d say :grin:

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Sounds realistic! I am touched.

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