Eleanor Forte (Lite) speaking

Is it possible to use Eleanor Forte Lite in Synthesizer V Studio Pro with her speaking rather than singing? I’m using her in a project where she needs to speak first and then sing. Can anyone help? Thanks


that would be great

You can do this by manually drawing in the pitch line instead of just using notes.

To find out what the pitch line should look like, you can use a tool like Praat.

  • Open Praat
  • Choose New | Record Mono Sound
  • Click Record and record yourself speaking
  • Click Stop to end the recording
  • Enter the filename in the Name box
  • Click the Save to List and Close button to close the window
  • Select the recording on the list
  • Press the View and Edit button to bring up the View and Edit window
  • Select a portion of the audio to view with the mouse, and press the Sel button on the bottom left
  • Press the in button until the message (To see the analysis, zoom in to at most 10 seconds). is gone
  • You should see the pitch line displayed as a blue line. If not, go to Pitch | Show Pitch in the menu

This will give you an idea of what the pitch curve of the speaking voice should look like.

Go into SynthV and make a similar pitch line for the words you want spoken.

First, add the notes and words that you want.

To draw the pitch line, in the Parameters, make sure you’ve selected Edit: Pitch Deviation. In the Piano Roll, select the Pencil tool, and the Direct Pitch Editing button, which is the rightmost icon in the leftmost toolbar, looking like a squiggly line with two dots on each end.

You can also toggle these options from the menu, under View | Piano Roll | Direct Pencil Tool and View | Piano Roll | Direct Pitch Editing.

You can then draw the pitch line directly onto the Piano Roll.

Don’t forget to exit those modes when you’re done editing - you can’t move notes in Direct Pitch Editing.


Thanks so much for giving a detailed description. I’m very grateful.

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dcuny, just wanted to say thanks again. Your method worked brilliantly!

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Excellent, glad to hear it! :smiley:

Whoooah that Praat tip is awesome!

It is indeed!