Linux-native VST (please??) ++ trouble with Activation Server


I bought Synthesizer V Studio Pro. Love what you guys are doing and my creative partners and I are really looking forward to working with this. HOWEVER…

I’m currently wrestling with Wine etc trying to get the VST going on my linux setup. I’ve been spending a few days on it so far, just on my first machine of several. Fingers crossed…

A Linux-native VST would be SO awesome and helpful!! Is this in development?? Very much looking forward to seeing this – and let me know if I can help out with testing! =-)

Right how I’m having a problem connecting to the activation server in order to activate with the code I bought. I’m able to connect to the internet with other applications in Wine. Can anyone confirm that the activation server is currently working?

Thank you!

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Not quite sure if the VST plugin can be used via wine …
Remind @khuasw to pay attention to this matter
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Thanks! It seems to be popping up the gui and also popping up as a vst within reaper, so I think it may work! It’s just not able to connect to the activation server, in order to submit the activation code. it says “please check your internet connection”

However I have confirmed that i am able to connect to the internet through wine with iexplore AND even Reaper itself is finding its updates on the internet. So I was hoping to confirm the activation server – does anyone know the IP address so I can try pinging?

Synthesizer V is more or less working under Wine on Linux here.

I did encounter flakiness on the activation server, but don’t remember how I got it to kick through.

What setup are you running?

Awesome to hear it’s working. It does seem like it’s almost working here and should work fine, the problem is just the activation server.

I tried installing on a second computer as well, with a slightly different setup, and having the exact same problem.
One is linux mint 20.1 with wine 5.0, the other is linux mint 19.3 with wine 3.6. In both cases it looks good to go except activation.

Still haven’t heard back from anyone if the activation server is currently working…
Wondering if there’s any other way of activating? Like, can I contact it through linux and then move the activation onto the wine side? Or could someone with access to the server let me into it somehow?

Ok, seems to be working under Wine 6.0. Authentication worked at least!

OK, here’s the latest on the struggle to use the VST on linux through Wine.

So, I had to install Wine 6 to get through to the activation server. However, I need a certain supercollider library that doesn’t work with Wine 6 so I had to downgrade to Wine 5 after activation. Fortunately, Synthesizer V does work on Wine 5, if it has been previously activated.

Now that I have the system running, I’m concerned that Supercollider is very slow to load the VST, because it has to boot Wine. This means that it will take a long time to do renders using Synthesizer V through the Supercollider server. Really not optimal.

I would LOVE for there to be a native Linux version of the Synthesizer V VST. That would make it so much more usable. It’s not really working out very well on Wine, and I have already spent days getting as far as I have.

Is there a reason why there is no Linux VST? It seems strange especially since Linux is supported for the standalone GUI version of Synthesizer V. Is the problem a missing library, or some other technical problem? I am pretty good at figuring this kind of stuff out, and would be more than happy to assist. Would love to help get this happening.


The struggle continues! The guy who wrote the VSTPlugin app for Supercollider, (with a Wine bridge), has been nice enough to help me over the past few days, but we are still not succeeding. Synthesizer V is working somewhat in “realtime” mode, but not in non-real-time mode, which is what I really need. Seems to be sketchiness and bugginess in Wine.

Again, I would like to humbly beg for a Linux VST, and offer my services in helping to create one, in any way I possibly can.