Memory leak while using Tsurumaki Maki

Alright, so I got the newest update to SynthV Studio (1.2.4) to try out the new voicebanks (Tsurumaki Maki AI/Standard Lite). After a short while of usage (swapping between different sequence files without leaving the program), I noticed in my task manager the program was taking up about 6.5GB of RAM. Now naturally that is now supposed to happen so I thought the new update for the editor was causing problems. I restarted it and messed around a bit more and finally realized the problem did not occur with voicebanks other than the 4 Tsurumaki Maki voicebanks recently released. I have confirmed with a friend and he has had the same issue on his end. I did not get a screenshot of the 6.5GB memory usage, but here’s one I took later of when I tried to replicate it. image_2021-06-03_06-42-41

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