Tsurumaki Maki AI Lite voices cause MAJOR memory leak on Windows

On Windows computers, using the Tsurumaki Maki AI Lite voicebanks causes a major memory leak. This does not happen when using other voicebanks like Saki AI or Eleanor Forte. However, when using Tsurumaki Maki Standard Lite, this problem doesn’t happen. Here are some pictures. This does not seem to affect users on macOS. I’m not sure if this affects Linux users.

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I did a small test using the banks that I had installed to see if I can collect more data regarding this.

Banks tested:
Koharu Rikka AI (Lite)
All of Maki’s lite banks
Chiyu (Lite)

Observed results:
Whenever an AI bank synthesizes it reserves more data and never seems to free it.
Whenever a standard bank synthesizes the amount of memory goes up, but then stops increasing or goes back down.

This was done on windows

These were done on SynthV Pro editor v1.2.4 with default settings after importing a vsqx. To make it re synthesize i modified the voice settings so it would have to rerender the whole track.


Experiments have found that this is indeed the case…
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@khuasw to note this thing

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I am able to confirm that this issue is happening and has yet to be fixed on the Linux build of Synthesizer V Studio. So far I have only been using Maki’s English banks, and have noticed that this problem only happens on the AI version of her English bank.

I am unable to embed screenshots as of right now, if necessary I can provide links to screenshots taht show that this problem is indeed occurring on the Linux build of Synthesizer V.