toggle mute/unmute selected note(s)

Hello !

I miss this one option pretty badly :

  • a “toggle mute/unmute selected note(s)” via right click, or keyboard shortcut (M would be the usual suspect)

—> this mute thing is so useful. Right now I’m composing a top line, and I have several varations that could work at a given spot. I have one I prefer, & I’d like to be able to keep the others too by muting them, so that I can move on & later re-evaluate their interest, or even place these varations later in the song. Right now I have to kill them, or somehow hide them after the song ends… Not practical at all for several reasons.

On a side note I also would like to see these happen, even if less important :

-a level trim control for the piano roll sound : it can be very loud if you work in a project that use -18dBFS as its loudest level (this is the zero in the analog world). While all the voices etc can be leveled, the piano roll can’t.

-an option to paste notes at the cursor position. Right now, the notes are pasted near the cursor, sometimes spot on, but a box to tick in the global preferences that would force pasting at cursor position would be of interest in my opinion.

Cheers !!
& I’m freaking loving the software… New user… Pretty amazing how I can compose lead vocals and chorus with it… So good !!