Yamine Renri Download Issue

Is it just me or is the link to Yamine Renri’s Synthesizer V Generation One Voicebank not working? https://res.animen.com.tw/synthv/renri-setup.exe seems to be down even if I check other websites. Is this an issue on my end or with the website itself?

Also, if it is a problem with the website itself, would someone be willing to send me the file for her installer? Thank you in advance.

The website is down for me too.

I don’t have the installer, but I could try zipping the database folder and sending you that?

Hopefully this method works! I just zipped the file I have installed.

Manually installing the Yamine Renri folder causes her Voicebank to pop up in the list but it gives the error “Data Integrity Failure” with the description of “There could be a version mismatch or data corruption.”

I think to get it to work I’d have to install it from the actual installer. I know it’s not a version mismatch because I’m using the latest version, as confirmed by my client. I assume “data corruption” means that there’s some sort of verification certificate or signature associated with each voicebank to confirm that they were legitimately obtained and were installed properly.

Thanks for your help, but that didn’t work.