Eleanor Forte AI email.

Hi, today I saw this in my email inbox:

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your support for VOLOR. Let us kindly remind you we will open the first batch of preordering on 3rd July 2021, with detail listed below:

【Store site】ANiCUTE (https://www.anicute.com)

【Date】From 3rd July until 31st July

【Time】Started and ended at JST 20:00

【Provided】Eleanor Forte AI (70$)Eleanor Forte AI + Synthesizer V Studio Pro bundle (148$)

【Please notices】

  1. If you ever bought any SynthV product successfully on ANiCUTE, you will get an extra coupon provided by ANiCUTE.

Your product serial code will work as a coupon code, please enter it at the store cart page, and you will get an extra discount on the price.

  1. This presell does not limit quantity.
  2. The price for this batch of preselling provided will be the lowest.

If you have any questions about this preorder campaign, please feel free to mail to [email protected] to contact us. And hope you can support us again.

Best regard,


I received that too. I’ve been using Pro with Eleanor lite. It looks like the price for Eleanor AI on pre-order is NT1960 and with my coupon it’s NT1610 which in my case is about US $58 — which seems like a good value.

I would change the currency to USD on the site. Mine came out to 72.22
when I did. This was before any serial promo code were entered however. Did you apply the promo code to arrive at that price or does the universe just like you better.

Ah, I didn’t see that, I was just converting the currency myself. Still, $72 seems reasonable for this software.