Yamine Renri can not be installed

Hey there!
I am still new to SynthV and currently have lots of fun exploring and experimenting with the many different voicebanks before buying the pro voicebanks and the pro version of SynthV.
I lately discovered the SynthV version of Yamine Renri and was eager to try her voicebank and play a little with it. I found the official website and wanted to download her SynthV version (https://renrivoice.wixsite.com/renri-voice/synthv). Problem is… The “download” button is redirecting me to the official SnythV website. My questions are:

  1. Does anyone have the same problem?
  2. Does her VB even work for SynthV gen. 2?
  3. Is there maybe a gen. 2 VB planned? Maybe a paid version?

I am thankful for any help and am sorry for any kind of typos!
Have a wonderful day :slight_smile:

Renri’s vb does not work for gen 2. A version for gen 2 should be under development, but I believe that it’s been delayed due to the pandemic.

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Thank you very much!

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I would advise people not to click on reuploads and to only download products from the correct distributor websites.

Yamine Renri R2 is available from Anicute by completing the appropriate Google form:

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