Midi and Instrumental Track out of sync

I am testing the lite version of this program, because the work flow and the voice of Eleanor Forte sounds great, much better than Vocaloid which sound like cats mating, however I’ve just found the first road block, no matter what I do, when I import my files they are out sync, Eleanor seems to have a mind of her own, dragging and fixing the timing in my DAW does not solve the problem. One of the feature I considered this program was because I wanted be able to manipulate and fix the phonetic in my project, but so far I haven’t seen such a menu, this is very frustrating and at this point I am thinking going back to the angry mating cat of Vocaloid…

I would also recommend toggling the phoneme overlay (pictured below), if you have not already.

Near the bottom of the note properties panel (pictured below), there are options to adjust phoneme length, as well as when the phonemes of a note begin being pronounced in relation to the selected note.

(Changing a phoneme to a different variant of itself is unfortunately limited to the Pro version of Synth V.)

As for the issue with MIDI syncing, would you be able to share some pictures and audio files so we could all get a more in-depth understanding of what issues you are encountering? That would make some comparison testing a bit easier.

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I don’t quite understand what you mean … you can check these points:

  1. Check the Time Signature and Tempo Marker settings

  2. Use WAV instead of MP3 format for the instrumental track
  3. Change the Snapping options of the Piano Roll from the View menu, then realign the notes
  4. Adjust the “Phonemes” option in the “Note Properties” Panel

    Tip: You can turn on the Visualization: Phoneme Timing

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Video tutorial series (YouTube, English/Japanese version)リンク

Thank you so much for your tips , They were extremely helpful. Regarding the timing issue, It was my bad because, I assumed the timing would be set automatically by the midi file I imported into the program, Vocaloid 5 does it automatically.

Thank you so much for the screen shots, I really appreciate your tips. I have a great hope in this program, and so far of what I have seen I am very please with it. I already solve the timing issue, and I will be working on discover why some notes in the piano roll sounds while other do not, perhaps the issue is adjusting the notes length in the notes properties menu. Thanks again.

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