Please Help I am very frustrated.

So heres my deal. I downloaded the newest Synthesizer V and ran the install. Works awesome except not as a VST. I need a VST not a stand alone program. So I looked around and found the VST version under previous versions. I got that one installed fine and the vst works but, I can not find a demo voice to load. I decided to purchase a voice but there is no where to purchase.

What gives? I need a paid version that is a VST.

Official website: Synthesizer V | Dreamtonics株式会社
Only Synthesizer V Studio Pro version supports VST plugins.

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The previous version you found isn’t a “VST version”, it’s an old engine that’s been discontinued. Currently VST support is a paid feature included with SynthV Studio Pro.

The reason you couldn’t find any demo voices is because all the voices for the old engine have either been moved to the new editor, or will be soon (the last one is Yamine Renri who is estimated to be updated within the year).