Are there any plans to add growl to synthV studio?

I didn’t follow the development for very long, but from what I can tell, growl used to exist before the studio version, but has been since then removed? Are there any plans to bring it back? I feel like it’s the one thing that I’m really missing after moving from vocaloid.

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I believe they will be bringing back the glottal panel and some other features from gen 1 at some point, so growl should be back, it just might be a while.

I might be incorrect on that, though.


There will be much growling and gnashing of teeth if we don’t see Eleanore AI soon. :grin:


That shall be released in the 4th quarter (the last quarter of the financial year), as early as October 1, yet might be as late as December 31.


I want to play with that sooooo bad :sob:
It bugs me that they don’t have it WHATSOEVER. That seems like a bit of a downgrade. Plus the fact that there aren’t any Voices with Vocal Fry appends like Renri was going to get, right(not sure if this is accurate, it might have been some other kind of append but YA KNO).
Also I’m kind of unclear on if there will EVER be any A.I. voices that have MULTIPLE appends, for instance, a Ballad voice and a Rock/Power voice that you can toggle in the expressions. Or even a GROWL voice for that matter, since they got rid of glottal stops.

Sorry, I don’t mean to be negative or anything. I’m just over here like… The AI voices are COOL and FLASHY but I feel like it doesn’t really make any improvements over say, a Multi-Expression Voice bank, but with the addition of lovely voice parameters+engine, and a glottal editor…

(which they teased with Renri and now seem to have scrapped??? like fellas whats going on…)