Synthesizer V 青溯 AI 声库开启预售


Dreamtonics 开设中国 TB 店,可以在 11 月 30 日前以 479 元优惠价购买 #SynthV# 青溯声库,或者以 899 元优惠价购买青溯声库 + SynthV Studio Pro 编辑器的套装!下单的时记得备注邮箱,声库将会在 12 月 1 日开始发货。
另外里边也有单独销售的编辑器和 SynthV Saki 声库(599元),感兴趣的小伙伴也可以去看看哟。


Dreamtonics has opened a China Taobao store where you can buy the #SynthV Qing Su voicebank at a discounted price of 479 CNY until November 30, or a package of the SynthV voicebank + SynthV Studio Pro at a discounted price of 899 CNY! Remember to note your email address when placing your order, as the voicebank will begin shipping on December 1.
There is also a separately sold SynthV Studio Pro and SynthV Saki voicebank (599 CNY), so if you are interested, you can check it out too.
Store address:

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