【Eleanor Forte】Naomi Scott - Speechless 【SynthV Cover】

I know I’m about 2 years late on the Aladdin train but yeah, this song is amazing.

Decided to make a SynthV cover for this song using Eleanor Forte’s Voice.
Didn’t really do too much of tuning, she sounds good the way she is.

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“Speechless” from Disney’s Aladdin
Performed by: Naomi Scott (Instagram :camera:: @naomigscott)


Of course she doesn’t need tuning - her intonation is perfect :sunglasses: . If anything, a little DEtuning might be nice.

But dude, never stop editing. Parameters, phonemes length/strength, etc. It sounds “ok” now, but…why stop there?

It feels good, thank you for creating it ~

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this sounds beautiful!