Original song Ambientronic - Seeds (Eleanor Forte)

Hello everyone and SynthV team.

We, Ambientronic duo, are proud to announce our new original Song that has been released today.

Ambientronic - Seeds

The song’s name is Seeds and it has a little bit of lore behind it. It is also a first song of our new chapter, heading towards the release of our fourth album. If you like to read more about the release and the lore - please follow this link:

release info page

You may as well like the original artwork we did for this particular release.

Thank you for your time and we are happy to have such an amazing tool like SynthesizerV. Let’s keep up the good work!



Thank you for your creation!

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Very much appreciated!

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It looks like there’s no way to listen to the track (other than a 30 second snippet) without signing up for one of the services, so I can’t really comment on the song.   :zipper_mouth_face:

Good luck with the release!

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Hey! Thank you.

You can listen to it on YouTube :slight_smile:
Seeds - YouTube

Thanks! Not my genre, but it sounds good.   :smiley:

In the lyric “Still wiping those tears, you should use the pronunciation /t ih r z/ instead of /t eh r z/.

I’ll refer to your message next time I’ll be working on a vocaloid song! Thanks for this tip :slight_smile: