You're Leaving [Eleanor Forte AI]

The last song I did with Eleanor Forte AI had her pitched high, and a lot of people commented that she sounded like an alto trying to sing a soprano’s part.

So I took her to the bottom of her range this time.   :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That caused some nasty metallic-sounding artifacts in her aspiration that required adjusting the Gender parameter.

Edit: spitfire31 suggested I add a modulation at the end, which gets her out of the mud for the final verse and gives the song a bit of needed lift. :+1:

I’ve also paired her with with a higher harmony, and done some (hopefully subtle) doubling of the primary vocal as well, to fatten the sound up a bit.

Feedback is welcome, as I’m still tweaking the vocals and mix.   :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds very subdued, thank you for creating it~

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Cool song, and interesting take on Eleanor’s voice
She sounds smoky and sultry, which suits the song very well.

Well done!

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I’ve never heard her sing at this low register… Wow wow wow
Sultry indeed. She sounds like Norah Jones meets Sade. :clap::clap:

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Great song, with a very cool backing and perfect pacing!

My other immediate impression is that Eleanor sounds lovely in her husky register – except, some of her lowest words sound more or less out of her range. Maybe lift her a notch or two?

Finally, toward the end of the song I start wishing for a key change or why not eight bars of organ solo – I can feel a slight ‘monotony warning’.

Whatever some nitpicks – a very enjoyable song in its own right!

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Excellent idea!

At this point, I’ve made most of my mixing changes, but if I go back, I’ll definitely give that some consideration. For my prior song, I’m thinking of changing the key as well - for the first half, anyway, since the second half fits the male register fairly well.

You’re also right about “monotony warning” here. I’d considered sticking in a solo instead of a third verse, but went with the full verse instead. It’s clocking in at 4:00, and adding a bridge would only make it longer.

So adding key change to relieve having to hear the same thing again is a great suggestion.

The only excuse I can give is that I was just relived to have gotten lyrics for all the verses, and wanted to get it mixed and out the door.

… Which is a terrible reason. :laughing:

It’s good to get nitpicks - I do it all the time, and I asked for them.

Plus, they’re completely on the markl

Thanks again! :sunglasses:

OK, I’ve added two key changes - one at the final verse, and one at the final chorus.

They’re only full steps up each time, so the wasn’t any need to add a modulation.

And I fixed a bad note in the harmony while I was at it, so… yay! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks again!

she sounds so smokey and sultry I love it! the higher key is also very subtle