Render in mono vs. stereo

Hi guys
I’ve been wondering, when rendering to wav files, is it better to render in stereo or mono?
When I used to record live vocals, I used to be told to always record in mono since it is better for (human) vocals.
Is the same true for synthv vocals?


SynthV output is mono. There is no other stereo effect than panning in Studio track. And I would let the panning to the mixing stage in DAW (if ever).

So there is no difference in mono/stereo render. I use mono simply to save some bytes.


Yes, vocals are mono by nature.

SynthV will pan vocals, but that’s just changing the balance of the vocal on the left and right channel.

For the purposes of previewing a mix SynthV (for example, you might have multiple vocals and want to hear how they balance before putting them in your DAW) you might pan them in SynthV.

But it’s best to render in mono and perform any panning in your DAW.


Thanks all!