Feature Requests - Mute function / Coloring / timeline blocks / Midi drag and drop / Midi play

First of all - thanks a lot for Synth V. It is a wonderful tool for composing vocal lines. And the new AI voices are just amazing.

Couple of small feature requests:

When composing, I often try out things, and sometimes I want to keep notes on the timeline so that I don’t forget, but I’d like to switch them off. I can achieve that with the loudness curve but that is really inconvenient. I would love to have a per-note mute function to switch off individual notes in the track

Tracks have colors, and the colors are shown in the overview. But when I select a track for editing, the color of the notes is always green. It would be great if the color of notes in the editor would match the track color

For composing, I would love to be able to combine phrases into events that can be moved as blocks on the timeline. Makes arrangement changes much faster than having to select the individual notes all the time.

Some VSTi plugins support midid drag and drop. Would be great if midi from Synth v could just be dragged into the timeline

Finally, SynthV has a simple reference sound when pressing keys on the piano roll editor. It would be great if these keys would be triggered by Midi - better feedback when composing

Thanks for listening!


Have you tried out Groups yet? You can select notes, and then choosed Modify | Merge into Group (Ctrl+G). You can then move and copy the notes as a group in the timeline and piano roll.

Changes made to the group will be made to all the copies of the group.

You can choose to remove the grouping via Disassociate Group, available in the Modify menu, as well as the left-click context menu.

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Thanks ducky. Shamefully, I had not tried that. But now I have :slight_smile: The way grouping behaves is not ideal, but it’s good enough. Thanks for pointing it out.