Synth V locked up

Within the last week, I’ve installed Chiyu, Haiyi, and now Solaria. After the two QD girls were added, Synth V was running extremely slowly. With Solaria added to the pile, it is effectively at a standstill after loading. I have 11 full VBs loaded in total, along with nearly all the lite VBs. Any ideas why the program would be locking up?

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Do you experience this simply by having the voice libraries installed, or only when you have many different voices assigned to tracks?

I now think it’s related to having multiple tracks rendering at once on load. I’ve got a single track, short file rendering right now and it’s relatively responsive. With a multiple-track file rendering, I can’t get it to respond until it’s finished one or two. Only one voice is in use in the file.

This is at least partly a memory issue with my machine, but it seems like the load for rendering has increased too.

Have you tried setting the render mode to “Prefer Speed” while working?

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I had not, but I expect that will help.
Proper diagnosis: I’m running this on an alienware laptop and it can’t detect that my replacement power supply is the correct voltage most of the time, so it doesn’t run full power any more… and Synth V must have increased its processing demands in the last two versions, so it now struggles with rendering where it didn’t before.