Clarifying the End User Agreement for SynthV Pro

The user agreement in the installation folder states:

“8. The license granted by us to the user allows the product to be installed only on one computer. The user shall not install the product on multiple computers with a single license.”

However it seems that Synthesiver V Pro comes with 3 activations total per license, and is advertised as such. Did the license change after the end-user agreement was created? I received my license second-hand (from a Giveaway, so someone else bought it), so I want to make sure I am not breaking any terms.

The intention of the license is that the user activates only on one computer at a time. The two additional activations are included to account for unavoidable issues such as hard drive failure. If we go strictly by the license as written, you aren’t supposed to activate the product on multiple machines at once, even if you are the only person who uses those machines.

Giveaways are a bit odd since the license is technically non-transferrable, however I doubt the intent is for that restriction to mean people can’t purchase a product on behalf of someone else or as a gift. That said if they purchased the product under their email address rather than yours, you might have trouble contacting customer support in the future if necessary.