All the voice banks sound completely distorted while using headphones.

Hi! I just downloaded SynthV Lite to try it out and, I don’t know why, while using headphones all the audio gets “corrupted”, witch is pretty weird because I tried playing audio from other applications and they sound completely fine. Then I tried disconnecting my headphones and hitting play and it sounded perfect so I don’t know what it’s distorting the sound.

I’m pretty new with this kind of programs so I don’t know what might be causing that glitch. I’m using a Mac if that’s of any help, thank you in advance!

Open the Settings panel by clicking the settings icon on the right hand side: image

Then make sure the settings are sensible. Specifically, make sure the Output Device works with headphones, and the Sample Rate is correct for your device. Also make sure the Master Gain isn’t set too high:


From your description, it doesn’t sound like any of these should be causing problems. But they’re worth checking anyway, just in case. :confused:

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Thank you! The Buffer Size option was blank and I didn’t even realize it, now I changed it and everything seems to work perfectly fine, thank you very much! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Glad that fixed it! :+1: