Bug with not being able to input lyrics

I currently encountered a bug for the second time (The first time was on the stand alone software in version 1.4) but on the 1.5 SynthV VST when using FL Studio on Windows. The bug it when an instance of SynthV doesn’t let you enter lyrics. The enter button doesn’t do anything and pressing tab just closes the lyric editing of the single note. In this video I double click the note then I type in a lyric and then press tab and as you can see it doesn’t enter the lyric or go to the next note. After that I try again but keep pressing enter which doesn’t do anything and then I end up pressing tab.GifMaker_20220129221650386

It only happens sometimes and the only temporary fix is restarting SynthV (or restarting the DAW the vst is in)

Since it happens at random at the moment I don’t know of any way to replicate it. Some others have also encountered this bug.

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