Eleanor Forte AI - "What Love Can Do" (SynthV Original Song)

Another Eleanor Forte AI Project.

I wrote this song especially for her voice. I always thought she has a “pleasant” voice, although not as much power as the Standard Eleanor. So I wrote a “pleasant” song to go with her voice, and which doesn’t call for so much power.

Hope it suits her.

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In terms of sound design this is great, but I vaguely remember a big name artist coming up with almost the exact same song melody-wise. It’s like I heard the exact same song before.

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Thanks for the feedback. Please let me know what song it reminds you of, I definitely didn’t intentionally plagiarized something, but I’d love to know if I may have done it either subconsciously or unintentionally :slight_smile:

I can’t remember the exact song but there are several other songs that sound pretty similar to this and the song itself sounds like a combination of these ones.