How do you apply SOLARIA's Bonus Audio?

I bought SOLARIA today and found a Bonus Audio folder with a Breath WAV file added. But how do I use this? Do we just use the WAV file as it is? If you know, please let me know.

That was my assumption as well.

Who’d have thought there would be demand **.wav ** breaths? Not me, that’s for sure.  :woozy_face:

I didn’t understand what you were saying because I wasn’t good at English. You mean, is it right to use the WAV file?

Sorry. :flushed:

Yes, it can only be used as a .WAV file.

Thank you for letting me know. My curiosity has been solved.

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anyone can share any solaria discount code? i am looking to buy … or is there any sale around?

There is no discount code, and no sale.

There was a discount for people who pre-ordered, but that time is long past.