How to pronounce " it's " in two syllables??

Hello, I’m covering Taylor Swift’s Love Story. There is a lyric called “but it’s real” in the second half of the song, and no way can be used to pronounce the word “It’s” in two syllables…ㅜㅜ I’m so sad right now. If anyone knows, please help me.

(the 2:09 part of this video)

This is a pretty common occurrence in English music, the closest thing I can compare it to is words like “didn’t” that have one vowel, but two syllables. The easiest way to do it in Synth V is gonna be if you turn the second “syllable” into a schwa (the ‘uh’ sound represented by “ax” in Arpabet/Synth V) and you’ll want to shorten it so you don’t hear it as much as the schwa and are getting more of the “r” in real instead :slight_smile:

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OMG thank you. It was solved thanks to you

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Can’t you just make it a melisma with it’s on the first note, and - on the second?

The + is used to indicate the next syllable, and - indicates a continuation of the prior syllable.

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So for double sylables . Like at 2:24 when she says real as re eal.
I find the first, note phonetics should be r ih instead of r iy , and the second syllable should be ih l . So the notes do the eh eh thing a bit better. Than if you use the - or + sound extention stuff .
You may wanna use the - to link the sounds if you wanna ad more depth .

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The question was about how to get the correct phoneme timings. Changing the lyrics is not a correct solution.