More jpn to english demo - we dont talk about bruno

You can find the demo of Sakki and Genbu singing in engrish here :
Stream Synth V Rikka And Genbu Engrisg Test by Dionn Koitsu | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Because, there is a serious miss conception here : Create new phonemes? - Lounge / 大厅 / ラウンジ - Synthesizer V Forum

Where, people think. You can not create new sounds with the custom library edit. An I must say. That’s a bold face lie . Sure, jpn voices can not say L or th samples natively . However r r = L , and f t can get pretty darn close to the L / th samples . Even, tho the voicebanks have no L or th samples .

For samples like or o o a r does wonders . For extention and adding a bit more depth than o a r/ o r . For other samples like A = a i I = e i @ ( ow ) = a u u , 3 (er ) = e e r , 4 = r r , 8 = the same as e e r pretty much , 9 or all = a a r r , some chinese samples like ang correct me if I’m wrong would use the phonetic ( a a n g ) unless you use double notes .

So for and you may want a a (first note) a n g ( second note ) to add more depth . If you dont use the custom library than, your missing out on using the phonetics to sing in other languages . Not supported by synth v .