More Than A Feeling BOSTON Cover

I have just uploaded “More Than A Feeling Boston Cover by Marc Bora” More Than A Feeling Boston Cover by Marc Bora - YouTube
I used Kevin AI and I feel I could simulate the band’s vocal well this time.

Not bad. The music is great and Kevin did better than I thought he would. He seems like a boy-band voice in my testing.

Seems like you should credit SynthV and Kevin on youtube though :wink:
Vocaloids have feeling too.

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Nice, finally something from this board that this old sod is familiar with. :smiley:
He should pronounce Feeling as Feelan. And there’s a few others, but this is very encouraging.

Thanks Kanru!

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Thank you for watching and listening to my latest upload. Last week I have found out Parameter on the bottom side of Synthe V are the key. Especially Loudness and Tension. I had never touched before. but last week I started using pencil and drew the wave lines on Loudness and Tension. Then Kevin started having the “emotions”.

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