Dictionary not found using VST3

Hi, I am new to Synth V, but I have been using Reaper DAW for over a year and can produce my own music. I have the Dictionary and extra scripts both working in the standalone but for some reason the Dictionary does not show up in Vst3 plugin when using it . How do you get Dictionary files to work with the Vst3 plugin, I cannot seem to figure it out, thanks.

Never mind I have it working now. It was weird, You have to install library with DAW off. So i had to turn Reaper off and then copy paste the files again into the folder over top of the ones that were there then run synth V in standalone version, then close syth V. Then restart DAW and rescan VST’s again in preferences, and i saw it scan something very quickly, I am using Reaper, then it picks up the Dictionary library file. nice!! it works. Solaria comes with some nice scripts too. letsgoo

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Hi Maple
I have Synth V 1.8.1 but my own dictionary is not recognised. Synth V only uses the default phonemes. Did you have to do anything special to get the Synth V to use your own dictionary?

Many thanks