Some bugs in SynthV Pro

I have Synth V pro 1.5.0, I have noticed that nothing appears in “Open Recent” after I close and open the editor, even though I have loaded an svp, but now I also notice that I cannot change the language of the interface, nor change anything in “Editor” nor “Rendering” in settings. None of my friends seem to have the same problem, I haven’t moved any files and yes, I already tried deactivating and uninstalling then installing and activating again

It sounds like you’re having permissions issues.

Assuming you’re running under Windows, have you tried running it with the “Launch as Administrator” option? (Right click and choose from popup list).

This will run the program under heightened permissions.


Thanks, but I solved it myself, I had forgotten to delete the “Dreamtonics” folder after uninstalling before trying again.
This post was made in January but the forum banned me for some reason (I only made this post) :skull:

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