Latest VST update 1.6 use with Ableton : play notes with keyboard ?

Hello everybody,

I just bought the pro version to get the VST so that I could run Synthesizer V in Ableton and type notes with my keyboard…but I fail.

There must be some settings to do… could someone tell me how, please ?

Thx !

I don’t believe this can be done.

MIDI notes are basically timestamped NoteOn and NoteOff events - there’s no concept of a “note” in MIDI. Instead, it represents when a key is pressed down and at what velocity (NoteOn), and when the key is released (NoteOff). There are other MIDI events, but there’s no “note”.

There’s also no way to communicate editing the MIDI note in your DAW to SynthesizerV. Your DAW has an internal representation of a MIDI note, but there’s no common format for that.

However, you can play the notes in your DAW, export the notes as MIDI file, and then import them into SynthesizerV.

Thx for your clear answer.

I thought I could do some routing to synthesiser track, but I’m not sure how to do that.