Is there a way to select all the voices in one instance of Synth V?

Hello everybody!
When I use multiple voices in Synth V, is there a way to select the notes of all the voices?
This would come in handy when I want to transpose them all. It would also make sense when you want
to shift them back or forward.
Thanks guys!

Not in all the voices - commands are limited to the active track.

Of course, you can select a single note and the Ctrl+A to select all the notes in a track.

There’s also Key Shift in the Voice that you can use to transpose the notes without having to move the notes:


The Key:C, A4 = 440 is meant to show you what the current tuning is relative to the key of C. SynthV doesn’t actually know anything about key signatures.

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Thanks Dcuny!
Too bad there isn´t a global transpose or select function.
I use V Synth in my DAW and it´s a hastle to move or copy all the seperate vocal parts.


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