How do I get SynthV pro back if I change pc?

Will having the same Google account permit me to get SynthV Pro back instead of buying it again? I haven’t bought it yet but if, in the case I change PC and bought it, want it again on that new PC, will I have to buy the pro version again?

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After the product is activated, if you need to change the used computer, please deactivate it on the old computer, and then activate it with the activation code on the new computer. In case of failure to activate, you can go to the purchased website for after-sales support.


So basically, once I activate the Pro Version I need to keep the activating code somewhere in case I switch PC, but also deactivate it on the old computer?


yes. im going to change pc this year too. this is what you need to do:

  1. deactivate and uninstall synthv pro on old computer
  2. install synthv pro on new computer
  3. enter activation code
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Alright! I’m gonna keep this in mind, thank you :smiley:

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What happens if the computer got hacked/destroyed and that’s why you need to reinstall?

They really need a different way to deactivate a license. Other companies have you create an account and by logging into your account you can activate/deactivate a software license. The current way is fine if you know ahead of time that you are getting a replacement PC. But if you suffer an unexpected hard drive failure, you can’t deactivate Synthesizer V and your voicebanks because it’s done through the program.

The current method allows offline use. In order to have it be account-based (and therefore allow for remote deactivation), the software would need to check the license on every startup. In that situation you would be unable to use the product if you didn’t have an internet connection or if the activation servers went down.

Personally I’d much rather that because even when I record guitar, if I don’t have internet I can’t work so the chances of me needing offline use is literally zero. I need internet to like, learn new techniques on guitar, and some of my other related programs won’t work without internet anyway. Not only that, I often end up having to go back and forth between mixing and using online mastering services and that requires internet as well.

Dreamtonics is a small company and SynthV was their first product. Committing to maintaining an always-online license server when they had no guarantee that the product would be successful would have been foolish. It shouldn’t be surprising that they opted for the same model as is used for Vocaloid.

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The vast majority of users don’t even get a chance to deactivate their licences because it’s either that they end up with a new computer due to the older one winding up bricked, or that they didn’t even get a new computer but wound up having to install new parts. Maybe this business model couldn’t be helped due to them being small but plenty of older companies (and we’re obviously talking large corporations) have an even stricter DRM where if you end up with a new hardware ID for any reason they force you to repurchase because said companies are lazy and they’re big enough that they somehow manage to get away with it scot-free. Matter of fact, very few companies even have activation servers and even then they’re mid-size to small plugin manufacturers (e.g. Toontrack, Native Instruments). And yea, after my computer got hacked not long ago I wound up having to repurchase more than half of all I bought. I explained my situation to everyone but nobody budged.

Maybe Dreamtonics couldn’t afford servers like that, but most other companies don’t have them because they’re lazy.

uhh? do you have a point or are you just ranting?

I understand it’s not an optimal solution but this is a thread about how to safely move a license between machines and this is getting rather off-topic.

If you want Dreamtonics to change things or introduce an alternate method, perhaps it would be best to make a new thread under the Product Feedback category.

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Point was, lack of size doesn’t seem to be all that much of a viable reason why they don’t have servers like that. That said, the better explanation could probably be the inflation and how expensive servers have gotten and we could leave it at that I guess. Okay, maybe there was some rambling going on too, although there’s a difference between rambling and ranting.

But yea, back on topic, thankfully Dreamtonics guys are nice enough that they do provide additional activations, and I probably repurchased one of their products but thankfully their prices are reasonable relative to the current climate. No complaints there.

I actually prefer NOT to be forced onto the internet every time I use a computer - I bought the computer, I bought the software, now just let me use it without some dodgy wifi network deciding if today is a good day for productivity :face_with_thermometer:
Sorry if that sounds a bit angry.