Option to fine tune notes (microtonality)

Hello, a music producer here.

This request might be highly specific and advanced request but I would like to have an option to fine tune each note by cents (1 cent = 1/100 semitone). This would allow composing microtonal music and non-western music with non 12 equal tempered systems (Arabic, Indian etc) more easily .

Many advanced DAWs has this and I think it would be great if SynthV editor could do something similar. (As far as I know, I know no other Vocal Synth capable of this and I think it would be cool if SynthV was one of first ones!) Here’s a screenshot of Logic:

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


You can fine-tune notes every 25 cents by holding down Ctrl + Shift, which is a feature only available in Pro version.



I would love the ability to fine-tune. Currently, I still need Melodyne for this.

Tuning by 25 cents is a cool trick, but I think most people who use microtuning, need resolution of 1 cent.