Introducing Feng Yi (沨漪): New Chinese Female Voice from Dreamtonics!

We are receiving a new vocal demo from Dreamtonics on May 26, 2022 at 17:00 in China time. The message is as follows:



2022 年 5 月 26 日 17 时,Dreamtonics 邀请你共同聆听新的歌声。每一道心声都应该拥有属于它的回响。

Machine translation to give a rough idea (I am not native).

I want to sing you a song,
Sing the message you carved on the table,
I want to sing a song of you,
Sing the message you wrote on the wall.

I am your past (time),
I am your unspoken heart/inner feelings,
I am your distant hometown,
I am the echo you are about to knock.

On May 26, 2022, at 17:00, Dreamtonics invites you to listen to the new vocalist together. Every thought/feeling/inner voice should have its own echo.

I will change the topic’s title accordingly when the new vocal drops. For now, since we have a smidgen of news, I figured to make a dedicated thread anyways. Feel free to add to the conversation!

Source: 动态-哔哩哔哩


Looking forward to hearing this…
I won’t get much done tomorrow now- constantly checking back for the demo’s release. :face_in_clouds:


I hope it’s not english because my wallet isn’t gonna be able to take it


To be honest, given that the entire post was in Chinese and is only hosted on bilibili, I think there’s a very good chance this vocal is Chinese.

Leaving a bit of room for other possibilities only because the language was not mentioned. :wink: I know that sounds silly, but I still remember Kevin being on the Gen 3 & 1.5.0 demos (available to all), AH-Software livestream (dialogue only in Japanese), and name tease/demo title reveal/image reveal only on bilibili (Chinese site), so I guess… “never say never”? :joy:

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omg wait that description is actually so cute, it makes me think of maybe someone struggling to find their voice and express their feelings properly so this synthv can help convey that. dreamtonics ily

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This is truly what I like about the Dreamtonics vocals so much, especially the Chinese ones because the introductions and the contests truly give a lot of insight and they’re pretty illustrative. Like Qing Su, when her contest ran, Dreamtonics wanted her name to mean or reflect “dream”, but what kind of dream exactly? The kind you get when you sleep or daydream? Or does it mean to “chase your dreams” and pursue your goals? The person who named her chose the latter: it’s chasing your dreams, which is really reflective of what Dreamtonics is all about, isn’t it?

Mo Chen didn’t get a prompt aside from basing the name on how he sounds, but his name basically means “the quiet moments” or “quiet times”. .w./

I’m not sure if there will be a contest this time, and if so, would there be a prompt or would it just be based on how they sound again? Because it seems that this introduction focuses on the idea of “echoes”, or specifically, echoing one’s inner feelings, unspoken heart, and who they are as a person. :o

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Say hello to Feng Yi, Dreamtonics’s new female Chinese voice database! She will be releasing simultaneously on Dreamtonics’s Taobao and International stores on May 27!

Here’s her demo: “故事的最结尾” (Rough English name: “The End of the Story”)

Adding onto her concept of echoing, here is what Dreamtonics wrote in their status (Source 动态-哔哩哔哩):


Rough & machine translation:

Look forward to Feng Yi’s release, who can burst out the deep emotions in the works written by the creator, resounding in the hearts of every audience, like layers of ripples, reverberating endlessly.

If you were curious, her name references her concept. The first character of her name can reference the “sound of water” or a “pleasant sound” though used to describe the melodious sound of music, while the second character is part of and can be the short form of “Lianyi” (涟漪), which means “ripple”. Her name reflects the concept of her voice rippling or reveberating in the hearts of listeners. (or at least, that’s how it was explained to me)



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Feng Yi hasn’t been released yet, but here’s a new cover! This time, she was tuned to perform Peking opera!

“梨花颂” cover by 某只泽
Compose by 杨乃林
Lyrics: 翁思再
Original vocals: 李玉刚
Vocal references: 李玉刚, 巴特尔, 等

Apparently, this example uses her “Opera” Vocal Mode. I forgot to note it earlier, but her debut demo uses her “Power”, “Chest”, and “Open” Vocal Modes as well, as confirmed by Mouzhize (the tuner). So right now, we know of four variations. The “Opera” Vocal Mode was specifically designed to handle Peking Opera.

Feng Yi is now officially released on Dreamtonics’s Taobao shop! She comes with 6 Vocal Modes: Chest, Power, Open, Opera, Soft, and Airy. We also got to know what her profile looks like here!

As shown in the second demo, Feng Yi is able to do Peking Opera, which according to Dreamtonics, it was a tone that was previously uncharted by singing synthesizers.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the tweet’s original post, it seems that Feng Yi’s release on the International Store has been delayed to Sunday, May 29 at 12 PM JST, so those of you who were planning to buy her from there have to wait just a little bit longer, but at least it’s not too far away!


Will she ever be on AH Software’s site like Kevin, Ryo, and Saki?

None of the Dreamtonics Chinese vocals are on AH-Software it seems. They haven’t announced any plans of placing them there either.

Aw, that sucks.

Feng Yi is now up on the Dreamtonics International Store!

She is also eligible for the starter pack.


A quick bump for important news: Feng Yi is now available as digital copies via AH-Software