Rearranging notes & parameters (primarily pitch deviation)

Hey all!

After rearranging a song I decided to follow the changes on the .svp file as well.
Problem being when moving notes (or better groups there of) around the pitch deviation lines stay put.
Naturally I tried copying and pasting the parameters independently, but this is a very unprecise process and the results are not quite the same.
Is there a way of moving everything as one, consistently, without ruining the tuning I already did?

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Came here to ask exactly this!!

Of course YES.

You just need to select the notes and right-click on one of those, choose Select Parameters for Notes, hit Ctrl C (on macOS ⌘ C) and paste it anywhere you want.


Oh, that makes things much easier!
Thanks a million! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :+1:

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