updated jpn to english library edits

I’ve added more words, vccv utau english stuff in the cutom phonetic library , alot of extra samples are being edited in to allow japanes voices to speak better english. In the image below, you can tell my library edit is gonna be fairly lengthy. I do plan on releasing my custom edit . Once, I do a ton more phonetic changes .

So far th samples will be said as f h since, f h sounds really close to th . L samples will be said as r r . A ton of words are being edited. So, they can be either sung or spoke . For easy talk-a-loid based things . The more words people give me the faster I can release my custom library .jason file .

Otherwise, updates will be released every 2 months or so.

Minor update : Around, 400 or so library changes was done. To help clean up the jpn to english library edit. The .jason file is not ready for a public release as of 6/2/2022

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This is going to be epic - download for experimenting tonight?
I must admit, I’m at work atm and just got stared at for bursting out laughing when I read the demo text in the screengrab - must be a pretty comprehensive dictionary :eyes: :rofl:

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Well for now . I added more support to help make make s and z samples to words like sneakers and ranndom stuff. I think I must have added around 400 or so new phonetics changes so japanese banks can speak better english .

I may have to get a library or look up the top 2,000- 5,000 words used in songs . To help make this library better . Besides, words some things like thinking was edited to have multiple ways to be used .

Theres alot of stuff I know I missed . But, a guy can only do so much with japanese to english library editing right ?

I may post a updated version in a week . Just to hopefully get some feed back on the library edit . Just so I know what I should be adding . Assuming anyone uses the ,jason file .

Heres a better preview of how my updated library edit will look like. I can’t garrentee all vsqx/ vpr imports will works. But, raw svp files should work much better . So, people dont have to worry about, doing alot of phonetic changes for engrish covers .