What would you think about an opera VB?

So, since Feng Yi was released with a peking opera vocal mode, this has me thinking… How about we get a VB with a western opera singing style or vocal mode? We haven’t had any opera vocal synths since Tonio and Prima in Vocaloid, so it would be cool to have another vocal with opera capabilities! What do you guys think?


That would be very cool

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If we do get any more genre-specific vocals, they should definitely be Vocal Mode options. Part of what makes Feng Yi still a good asset to have is that the Opera Vocal Mode is optional. If you’re not interested in using it or have trouble with tuning in that style, at least you can still use her default and other modes for other options. As long as they’re not locked to only that genre, I think more vocals like this would be very nice to have.

I would also say the same for Enka, given that Vocaloid Sachiko and the now discontinued CeVIOs Ginsaki Yamato and Kinzaki Koharu were made for this style.


Cangqiong is getting a little closer it seems, right?
You can hear it on one of his songs… can’t wait for the ai version

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This would be a day one purchase for me. I dearly hope this will happen, and sooner rather than later.

*commercial vocal synths [?]

there are a few UTAUs that have been made for opera as well as having opera voicebanks!
notable examples are Anushka, a Russian doll UTAU who’s voicebank was made specifically for opera, and Camila Melodia who had a opera append!

videos here:

im sure someone has also made opera voice databases for other programs like deepvocal and niao niao! you just have to look :3

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I hope dreamtonics have male and female opera english voicebank

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